Get to know us...
For 30 years now dogs [and other
animal companions!] have made such
a difference in our lives… my first
labradoodle in particular… that we
want to share the experience with others.

Breeding these little wonders & getting them off to a great start for their forever homes is the main focus of life here these days. We have lots of time for the adult dogs and puppies and their needs because my children are grown, and I’ve retired from teaching 1st grade. The mini doodles are now my kids.

Adults dogs and puppies live here at home, in our home, their whole lives. Learning to love car trips, starting crate training, house training, basic commands and leash work are just part of the ‘headstart’ baby doodles get here at Doodle Cottage. Between getting out in the community and the people here at home, they meet lots of people and have a variety of experiences to start good social skills.
Years of healthy labradoodle puppies at Doodle Cottage & happy families who took these minis home... that's what we find satisfying, & what you can find reassuring about choosing a Doodle Cottage mini labradoodle. Families will verify the joy our puppies have brought to their homes; references available on request.
Exciting news:  Now offering door to door delivery from  Spokane to the greater Seattle and Portland areas, and all points in between!
E-mail us today at or call [509] 487-4478, if you would like to be considered for a Doodle Cottage puppy or if you have any questions. 
Doodle Cottage… producing puppies to enhance the lives of families and individuals.