Cooper Too loves to play fetch, is house-trained, and
lives for trips -- on foot is his very favorite.
Cooper Too is now sold. If you would like to be notified when another older puppy is available, please e-mail Doodle Cottage.
There are true  advantages to choosing an older puppy here at Doodle Cottage when they are available.
--Training is well underway! After all, since they live in the house with the rest of the family, obviously they've been learning both crate and house-training, working on leash and with basic commands. They've also had a chance to become well familiar with the common household noises... dishwasher, vacuum, garbage disposal, fans, etc.
--While in active growth phases, puppy activities are somewhat limited when it comes to distances, stairs, hiking, etc. Not so at older ages! Still puppy joyful and fun but now ready to join in with your daily and recreational pursuits!
--Labradoodles coats sometimes change as they blow-out puppy coats and grow in their mature coats. No surprise changes if the puppies are old enough... they've already gone through the blow out stage!
--With hybrids, mature size is always estimated. By getting an older puppy you know just how big or small of a package you are getting!
Now offering door to door delivery from  Spokane to the greater Seattle and Portland areas, and all points in between!
E-mail us today at   or call [509] 487-4478, if you would like to be considered for a Doodle Cottage puppy or if you have any questions.
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Cooper Too is now sold!
Born Sept.7, he has all age appropriate health care.